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Plaform Provider complies with the most restrictive European and French legal provisions protecting privacy and personal data. Plaform Provider has been subject to a registration at the National French Authority « CNIL » under the number: 15 4 218 782

The present privacy policy is fully part of the Terms of Use of Score It, and is in the same extent applicable within the Term of Use.

1. Subject matter of the privacy policy

The Content that Members may post on Score It is likely to reveal, under their sole responsibility, their identity, their nationality, their musical preferences, their physical characteristics, their musical career and or their income. By providing such information, all non-mandatory, the concerned member shows its will and consequently his explicit agreement to the data processing of “sensitive data” by Plaform Provider and takes in charge freely the exclusive responsibility of it. The rights and guarantees of the Members abide with the Data Protection Act of 1998, the Instruction 95/46/CE of October the 24th 1995 on the protection of personal data and privacy in electronic communications.

In accordance with those legal provisions, each Member may, by postal mail sent to Platform Provider contact@scoreit.org or by its profile page on Score It ask to access to its information in order to modify, delete or forbid one or more users by Plaform Provider of it.

2. When does Plaform Provider collect personal data?

Members are providing personal information when they subscribe to the Platform and request an Account. Members create a profile, participate to chats and blogs, and upload Content. It occurs that some information is obligatory to participate to parts of Score It.

3. What sort of information does Plaform Provider request?

For the purpose of the present policy, the whole personal information collected from you is hereunder ‘Data’. By ‘Data’, Plaform Provider means all Members personal data, that they willingly provide at the opening of an Account or which are collected in the framework of the Use of Score It. The Data encompasses: The Subscription data, which Members transmit at their subscription to the Platform and request of Account: User name, valid e-mail address and password. Subscription data is public excepted for password and e-mail. As contributor to Score It, it is Members’ responsibility to ensure that this data is exact and complete.

The Use data, which is collected automatically when a User navigates on the Platform. This sole data doesn’t permit to identify a User. It is also possible that Plaform Provider stores anonymous data concerning Users’ use via an automated tracing process (navigation and search history). In any case, the Use data is aggregated data and consequently anonymous. Users can oppose to the storage of such data (but they will not be able anymore to use some parts of Score It), by modifying the options of your navigation program.

The Profile data, which contains all information uploaded by the Member including but not limited to: name, sex, place of birth, date of birth, city, country, language, picture, musical preferences and specialties, professional experiences, biography, and any Content uploaded by Members. This data is public and accessible to all Users of Score It, what Members agree with.

The Payment data is collected during the online payment process of the services proposed by Score It or its partners: name, first name, company, credit card type, credit card number, address. This data isn’t public. During the credit card payment, you benefit from the security system of Score It :

The transaction is done between you and Paypal, known for its trustworthiness for Internet transactions. The transaction is encrypted (encrypting process SSL). To enter a card number on Score It is not dangerous. Score It uses a secured process, recognizable by two signs: A little padlock on Internet Explorer, a key on blue pattern or a open padlock that closes on Firefox The http:// of the Internet site address becomes https:// (“s” standing for “secured”) Score It stores no credit card number. Furthermore, some impersonal information may be collected automatically such as the type of navigator of the Users (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc...), the type of operating system used (Windows Vista, Mac OS...) and the IP address of the used computer.

4. Who has got access to this Data?

The information collected at your subscription to Score It and your subscription to services proposed by Plaform Provider are used to offer Users various services. All precaution has been taken on Plaform Provider databases for archiving personal data in a secured environment. Sole some of Plaform Provider employees have access to Users information, which are available solely in case of need. The personal data provided at Members’ subscription will not be available to third parties, neither transmitted, nor sold or exchanged, except in the following cases and if Users are previously informed, and having agreed, or in absence of opposition of your part.

Plaform Provider may sometime share general social demographical non nominative data with selected partners enabling them to focus their advertising (by categories such as age, sex, etc...). In these cases, Plaform Provider will not transmit any information permitting to identify Users.

The Data is available on Score It, on the Internet, by e-mail (newsletters) or by mobile phone. Furthermore, this Data is likely to be broadcasted by Score It or by partners to persons interested by Score It, by the mean of newsletters or other services or by all electronic communication means (e-mail, SMS, etc.).

Consequently, in accordance with Article 3, the Users expressly authorize Plaform Provider to reproduce and broadcast the Data on all and parts of Score It (on Score It, Internet sites, by e-mail...) and/or on all electronic communication back-ups (e-mail, Internet), for the entire world and for the time of execution of the Terms of use. Besides, Users authorizes expressly Plaform Provider to grant to the aforementioned rights to the partners of Plaform Provider proposing services on Score It. If Users don’t want anymore that Plaform Provider or its partners reproduce or broadcast the Data, you can terminate the Terms of Use in the conditions of Article - Termination of the Terms of Use. The termination will be taken into effect concerning personal data at the next update of the concerned communication back-ups displaying them. Except in the aforementioned cases, Plaform Provider doesn’t communicate the Data to other persons than the Users or Members, and its partners proposing services on Score It. Notwithstanding, it is possible that Plaform Provider would like to communicate the Data to other people, that for instance, have products, services or opportunities that could be useful for you. In this case, the User will have to give its express consent for the exploitation of the Data (for instance data aggregators or data resellers).

Plaform Provider may also provide information to a User on legal request, such as a claim or a court injunction, or any other demand complying with the applicable laws. Plaform Provider provides no information as long as he has not any certainty that the asked information. Furthermore, Plaform Provider is complying with the applicable laws. Furthermore Plaform Provider may share an account or other information that he estimates necessary to comply with the law, protect the interest or goods of Score It, and prevent illegal activities on Score It or using the trademark “Score It” or for preventing any imminent physical damage. This may include sharing information with other firms, legal counsels, and authorities.

5. What is the aim of this data processing?

The Data is only processed in the framework of the above-mentioned purposes and more generally in order to comply with the applicable laws in effect. For the Subscription data: This data is necessary for creating and managing your account and for your use of Score It, and notably the posting, storing and sharing of Content. For the Use data: This data permits to generate statistics related to the visiting of Score It or eventually to restrict territorially the access to some Contents or some parts of Score it in function of User’s country. This information may be used for optimizing the functioning and improvement of the quality of Score It and the efficiency of the marketing and advertising campaigns. For the Payment data: This data is necessary for Platform Provider and its contractors for honoring Users requests. For the Profile data: This data is used to permit Members to be known in the network Score It, and permits Plaform Provider to propose Users the more adapted services to User’s preferences. This data may be used to optimize the functioning and improve the quality of Score it and the efficiency of advertising and marketing campaigns. Finally Plaform Provider doesn’t permit to minors of less than 13 years old to use Score It. Plaform Provider doesn’t collect personal data of minors of less than 13 years old persons. Concerning minors from 13 to 18 years old, they are authorized to use Score It. Platform ¨Publisher recommends notwithstanding that they communicate the Data under the control of a responsible adult.

6. Merger, Acquisition, Clearance

In the case where Plaform Provider would be subject to a merger, acquisition or clearance, the Data can be transferred to the purchaser or the creditors, these take responsibility for the obligations of the Terms of Use. Plaform Provider would not be liable in any case for the infringement by the purchasers or creditors of obligations of the Terms of Use.

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