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04/30/2020 0
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Scott Hallgren 04/30/2020 18:05:18 My work
Excited to announce our first sale asset on the Unity Asset Store!

The full Scootman Music library v.1 (over 200 high quality tracks in dozens of categories), with file format conversions available for purchasers upon request.

Styles include: electronic, 8-bit, orchestral, electroacoustic, pop, rock, and world music, all in high-definition 44/16 and 48/24 .WAV audio files, and complete with metadata tags for easy search.

Full URL:

Short URL:
04/19/2019 0
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Scott Hallgren 04/19/2019 20:09:57
How does score work with picture? Two ways - policy and vocabulary:


The relationship between the film and the score, and how the two relate to each other, is called ‘policy’. This is established through the placement (spotting) of music in the film, and the level of emotional depth requested.

Think about the difference between the scores for any generic action movie or comedy; what does the music need to accomplish? How does a composer accomplish that for each of those?


Instrumentation - instruments might inform time, place, culture; etc.

Harmonic language - what is the music of the time/genre?

Melodic shapes - are they expansive and grand, or close and modest?

Music style - is there a style of music that the scene demands, or that supports the dramatic need?
03/29/2019 0
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Scott Hallgren 03/29/2019 13:10:00
From Fred Karlin’s book, “On The Track”:
“What is my film about? What am I trying to say? Who is my main character and what are they feeling, thinking in every scene? Work you did with the actors should be helpful with your composer and musical conversations.”

Of the 21 questions, I simplified down to what I feel are the 4 most important:

1. Which scenes need music?
5. Are you scoring dialogue scenes? Be careful!
8. Where should the music start and stop?
21. What type/style of music will you use?

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